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Top Scrapbooking Tips

Once you have discovered the fun of scrapbooking, you will discover the endless layout possibilities, the numerous tools available, and the dizzying array of material for enhancing your page. Here are a few practical scrapbooking tips to help you save time, eliminate frustration and get the most out of your investment.

Basic Tips

1. Acid Free Everything: The name of the game here is preservation. So make sure you are using paper that will last. Most will say either acid or PVC free on the front. Also, use an adhesive tape that comes with a tape runner instead of glue. Any of the tapes sold by scrapbooking companies or websites should be acid free.

2. Work Outside the Box: Ok, in this case you will work outside the book. Good albums have removable pages. I recommend adding pages only after they are completed. It’s easier to have a single page in front of you while you cut, adhere and manipulate materials, than your entire album. Also, you have more flexibility to move pages around.

3. Be Thematic: Choosing a theme helps to unite your choices of paper, color, quotes and embellishments. Whether it’s a holiday like Halloween, a place like “The Farm”, or time related like “Age of Innocence,” you can weave this theme throughout your related pages, and gain inspiration from them at the same time.

4. Focus Focus Focus: Each page should have a focal point. It may be a single photograph, a journal entry or a series of pictures, working together. Know where you want people to look when they first view your page and work outward from that point.

Tips for Tools

As much as we women like to tease men about their obsession with power tools, many a scrapbooking gal gets tingles all over when she unwraps a new cutter, shape maker or package of rainbow assorted markers. Let’s face it ladies, the tools make the project. Here are some tips on how to choose the right ones.

In addition to your most basic tape pair of sharp scissors, straight and decorative trimmers can make a cropper’s life much easier. Trimmers are basically small paper cutters that help you achieve perfectly straight or wavy lines. As some one who can’t cut straight to save my life, my cutter is a must have. Cutters that come in round, oval, heart-shaped and other patterns are also fun.

Every scrapbooker needs a good set of writing utensils in a variety of colors. You will want both fine-tipped and broad pens for different needs. Pens to reduce red-eye and photo labeling pencils are also handy. Finally, stencils that allow you to create arcs, swirls and half circle for headings and labels will be useful.

The Icing on the Cake

The materials you use to decorate your page will make it uniquely yours. Beginning scrapbookers are often overwhelmed by the many choices that exist. Here are a few favorites to get you started.

Fastening brads are those tiny gold pieces that go through the holes in paper and flatten down on the other side. These are available in stars, hearts, and almost any shape or color you can imagine. Using brads to fasten ribbons, ticket stubs or memorabilia is fun and inexpensive.

Scrap paper and your gel pen can be used to create a quilted appearance by making stitch-like marks around the outside of the paper. Another easy embellishment is to punch holes in a piece of paper and weave ribbon in and out of it.

Anything is fair game for your scrapbooking needs. Probably the best scrapbooking tip of all is to look at everything from a scrapbooker’s point of view. You will suddenly see pages of music, menus, church bulletins, fabric swatches and cheap jewelry in a whole new light.

Useful Makeup Tips To Look Beautiful

Getting some general make up tips for different occasions is a great idea since you don’t want to wear the same type of makeup on every occasion. Makeup for office will be completely different from how you apply makeup on a wedding or birthday party.

Makeup tips and tricks often tell you to use the right foundation that matches your skin tone, use concealers to hide the blemishes on your skin and a shimmer on eyes so you they look fresh and bright. All these make up tips address the way you should wear makeup but there are few things common in every type of makeup and one should be aware of them. We have given some dos and don’ts of makeup below so you know how you can wear makeup without damaging your skin or ruining your personality by wearing makeup that goes drastically against your facial features.

Make Up Tips – The Do`s

• Whatever makeup material and products you choose, make sure that someone has already used and that others approve of its use. You don’t want to end up with unsightly spots on your skin due to side effects from a product that didn’t suit your skin.

• Very few make up tips talk about this factor but it is important to know that makeup is not to make you look different. The first and integral part of makeup is to highlight the good features on your face. Once you have figured out how to do that, you can work on concealing the spots or points that don’t look so good to you.

• Whenever you are in the store and choosing the foundation, make sure you have enough time to spend in looking one that matches with your skin tone. Foundation is applied on your entire face so you don’t want your face to stick out and look different from your neck and rest of the body.

• Apply makeup when your face is clean and using a moisturizer after taking shower is a great way to keep your skin fresh.

• Many make up tips also forget to mention the time that you should give before applying makeup after applying the moisturizer. Make sure you give enough time for moisturizer to absorb in your skin and once the moisturizer has absorbed you can start with your makeup.

• Often missed in most of the make up tips but here it is: make sure that you spend your money only on professional makeup brushes. You will easily notice the difference between the quality of makeup and its fineness when applied with a professional brush as opposed to a regular low quality brush.

• Always consult with a makeup critic who’s present in most of the families. Just before leaving the house and joining the party, confirm with your friend or someone in your family if everything is looking “normal”.

Make Up Tips – The Don’ts

• Don’t ever wear makeup in a hurry especially if you don’t have any experience of doing admirable makeup in a jiffy.

• Don’t take makeup tips and tricks from people you know aren’t very good with makeup. You would only want to take the advice of professionals and it isn’t hard to get their advice now that you have internet access.

• Don’t treat makeup like clothes, which means not to wear it all the time. We know this sounds one of the cliched make up tips but what’s important needs mentioning. If you’re too lazy to remove makeup at night and sleep while it is on, you’re suffocating your skin all night long.

• Don’t ever try to overdo your makeup. If something seems missing, you can add it later on but if you overdo it, there is no coming back unless may be you remove the whole makeup.

• Don’t ever use the wrong concealer that goes against your foundation or skin. While hiding blemishes, you might make them look like skin spots from sun.

• Don’t fall for every new product you see on TV or magazine. Everything is not made for you or your skin.

While you are on your way to learning professional makeup, don’t hesitate from collecting the make up tips from professionals. Explore and research about things before you even think of using them on your skin.