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Riding the Bus to Summer Camp

The bus ride to summer camp is a unique experience for kids that sets the tone for a fun-filled day. As a parent, you can enjoy the benefit of knowing that your child has a safe way to get to and from camp and your kids will look forward to the extra time with their friends. However, you should know that the bus ride will never be an ordinary trip. Instead, camp bus drivers and monitors will enhance the experience by planning exciting activities that build a sense of camaraderie and promotes camp spirit.

Safety and Security

When your child gets on a camp bus, they will enjoy a warm welcome from a trusted member of the camp staff. Bus drivers and monitors undergo rigorous background checks and training to ensure that they are certified in first aid, CPR and behavior management. Since the bus staff also works at the camp, they greet kids by name and provide the added comfort of having a familiar face. Roll sheets are completed as each child boards at their stop and exits upon their arrival at camp and they are all taught from the very first day how to follow the bus rules.

Songs and Chants

Singing is a big part of the summer camp experience and starting the day with a few classic camp songs gets kids pumped up for the activities that await them that day. From their official camp song to old favorites such as On Top of Old Smokey, the sound of gleeful singing is often heard long before the bus can be seen arriving at camp. Cheers and chants are also part of the fun and campers may even engage in a few competitions to see which row can be the loudest.

Games and Competitions

In addition to chant games, bus monitors may use competitions as a teambuilding experience. Scavenger hunts, road BINGO, Simon Says and I Spy are a few classics that you can expect your child to play. The camp’s staff also uses icebreaker games at the beginning of the summer to foster friendships between the kids. For example, they may play the Name Game which involves saying the names of all of the other people in front of them. Silly games such as Pass the Shoe also leave the kids giggling as they hustle to move an object from the front of the bus to the back faster than the team on the other side.

At summer camp, even the transportation is designed to develop your child’s independence and the bus staff knows that this ride may be the first time many of them have gone somewhere on their own. For this reason, they always make sure that they all feel safe and comfortable from the first moment they board the bus. New riders are often assigned a Bus Buddy who will guide them through their first week on the bus and introduce them to their fellow campers. By the end of that first ride, you can bet your kid will be jumping right into the activities as they sing, play and cheer their way into camp.